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Throwing and Shoulder Injuries


Caleb V.

Caleb V. Due to continued involvement in athletics and the high demand that multiple sports athletes have I was plagued by chronic injury throughout my High School career. The Doctors and Therapists at Parkhurst Chiropractic enabled me to work through those injuries and continue excelling at a level of high performance during and throughout my prep seasons.

As the season’s change from winter to spring, there also comes a change in what sports we or our children will be involved in. When the baseball and softball season starts, our office begins to see one of the most common issues that develop from throwing – Shoulder Pain. Shoulder pain is most likely caused by the repetitive motion and overuse of throwing a ball.  Overuse is the number one cause of throwing injuries.

Your first response to pain in the shoulder should be to rest the shoulder and apply ice. If your shoulder pain persists or gets worse, even with ice and rest, it is time to have it evaluated and treated.

Seeing a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (CCSP) with advanced training to treat sports injuries can help ensure the shoulder heals properly and gets you back on the field faster.

In addition to chiropractic adjustments there are several adjunctive therapies that can provide significant benefits. Utilizing low level laser therapy which reduces inflammation, and soft tissue mobilization which can involve trigger point therapy and high frequency vibration therapy such as rapid release, ultrasound which diminishes scar tissue, taping and assisted stretching will all help the recovery process. Our doctors can also give you specific stretches to help the shoulder function better.

Pitchers and catchers are at the highest risk for developing a condition called subacromial bursitis. Bursa are essentially fluid filled cushions between bones and muscles in areas where there is lots of motion. There are several bursae in the shoulder and hip as well as other areas of the body. The subacromial bursa are responsible for protecting the rotator cuff which is why these are often the source of shoulder pain from sports that involve a lot of throwing. Bursitis happens when the bursa become swollen and inflamed. This results in shoulder pain that is felt especially upon movement of the shoulder.

Following recovery from a shoulder injury it is important to start a strengthening program to help maintain the integrity and stabilization of the shoulder. Strengthening the shoulder will allow the shoulder to handle all of the rigors of a full baseball/softball season.

If you have any other sports related injuries, Dr. Matt is here to answer questions for you. Call our office or email any sports-related questions you may have to

Good luck to all of our athletes and remember we are here to help!

by Matt Meiste DC CCSP

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