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The Importance of Backpack Safety

young boy wearing a b ackpack

It is important to educate your children about correct spinal care and postural habits and the consequences that may come with a heavy backpack. In addition to the development of long-lasting back pain, students wearing excessive weight in their backpacks may be at risk for multiple health conditions including neck pain, tingling and numbness of the arms and shoulders, headaches, muscle spasms and postural decline.

The heavy weight of a backpack can cause an unnatural alignment of the spine that forces students to offset the pressure by arching their back or bending forward at the hips. To help combat this stress, students should consider bags with different compartments allowing the weight of the items in the bag to be evenly distributed. Tightened, padded straps should be worn on both shoulders to help position the weight of the bag.

Doctors of chiropractic (DC) specialize in spinal health and wellness. Students who carry a heavy backpack can benefit greatly from chiropractic care. In addition to hands-on care, DC’s also provide patients with proper body positioning tips and knowledge about how to reduce the risk of injury and back pain.

Be sure to bring your child’s backpack to their next appointment. Our doctors can help with your backpack questions or assessment of your child’s spine and/or backpack.

Article Source: The Importance of Backpack Safety

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