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Therapy - Rehab, Manual Therapy & Massage

The doctors at our Holland Wellness Center believe that additional therapies are an important part of your overall well-being, as well as a complement to our other Holland chiropractic services. Therapy can aid in healing, relieve pain, promote relaxation, add strength and stabilization..

Based on your medical necessity, the doctors at our Holland Wellness Center will determine a course of treatment tailored to your specific condition or injury. Then, during your therapy, our therapist will work on your muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints, skin, fascia and other areas that are pertinent to the kind of therapy you are receiving.

Manual Therapy

At Parkhurst Chiropractic in Holland the doctor and our qualified therapists will determine which therapies best address your condition or injury. Your session could include:

  • Active Isolated Stretching – a technique of muscle lengthening and fascial release. A type of athletic stretching that provides functional and physiological restoration of both superficial and deep muscles.
  • Trigger Point Therapy – a technique of relieving stored stress in specific spots in the body known as Trigger Points – aka knots, which can cause pain. By holding pressure on these areas the tightness and pain can be relieved.
  • Soft Tissue Mobilization – a technique used to break up inelastic or fibrous muscle tissue – such as scar tissue, move tissue fluids and relax muscle tension.
  • Thermotherapy – a technique that involves applying heat to a localized or general area of the body using hot stones or bamboo. The result is a relaxing treatment that soothes even the deepest of muscle bringing comfort and relaxation.
  • Rapid Release – a tool used to help loosen up muscles that are tight or in spasm.
  • Cold Laser Therapy (LLLT) – a tool used to reduce pain and inflammation. It regenerates tissues at a cellular level while also helping to speed up the tissue’s ability to heal itself.
  • Ultrasound– a tool used to warm tissue, increase blood flow and reduce pain of specific muscles.
  • E-Stim – a tool used to provide relief by utilizing electrical impulses to prevent pain signals reaching the brain.
  • And more.

Massage Therapy

  • Doctor-Directed Massage - Your chiropractor will discuss with you which forms of massage might best suit your injury or condition, and the doctor will then imassage__sm_.jpgnstruct the therapist on how to perform that massage.
  • Relaxation Massage – Enjoy a relaxing massage that soothes and relaxes the muscles of the body. This massage can relieve tension and pain found in the muscles.
  • Sports Massage - This is a particular form of therapy that is often used before, during or after a sports event. It can also relieve pain from injuries, enhance performance and aid in recovery.
  • Pregnancy Massage - Pregnancy massage utilizes specific techniques that are safe to both the pregnant mother and the fetus. It can relieve joint and muscle pain and aid in reducing circulation problems, and it allows the mother-to-be to fully relax.

Assisted Exercises

In addition to Manual Therapy the doctor may determine that you would benefit from Assisted Exercise. Assisted Exercise can help build strength, endurance, flexibility, & range of motion. You will enjoy personalized attention during your session and your session may include the following:

  • One on One Training - You'll enjoy individualized attention at our Holland Wellness Center facility. Our doctors and qualified therapists create a personalized program of exercises to bring strength and stabilization back to the injured area. You'll perform these exercises under the therapist's supervision in a room equipped for rehabilitation. Some of these exercises can also be done at home.
  • Whole Body Vibration - Whole body vibration increases strength, dexterity and endurance. This physical rehabilitation technique works & challenges your muscles in small, rapid vertical and horizontal motions. This motion excites stretch receptors and tendon reflexes in joints, promoting increased receptor activity and safely challenges balance and coordination.
  • Kinesiology Taping - Kinesiology taping provides support without restricting the range of motion, helping to prevent overstretching and over-contraction of affected muscles. This form of treatment helps to relieve acute and chronic pain, reduces swelling and inflammation and improves circulation to injured areas helping you to heal faster. It can even enhance the strength of injured or under-toned muscles to prevent further injury.

bigstock_Beautiful_woman_dancing_in_the_15088814We realize that here in Holland you have a choice in many therapies, but at Parkhurst Chiropractic & Lakeshore Wellness Center we believe that the mind, the body and health must all work in tandem to achieve overall balance, and that is our ultimate goal. Therapies are just one step on the path to helping the body attain that balance.

To find out more, or make an appointment, please call 616-392-9500 or email us.

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