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Success Stories

Whether your goal is to put your socks on, walk to the mailbox, beat your personal best, make the team, break a world record, or recover from a sports injury, at

Parkhurst Chiropractic we are here to help!

Receive World Class Care.

Freddy Krueger, Guinness Book of World Record Breaker at Waterski Fly Distant Jumping. Freddy broke the record on Saturday, August 8th, 2015 in Grand Rapids, MI.

"I injured my right ankle during a test run for a world record attempt on water skies. I saw Parkhurst Chiropractic that evening. I had 8 treatments in 4 days to get me back on the water and flying! I felt like I was getting better every day! Not only did they get me back on the water, but at a world record level. Setting the World Ski Fly record at 312 feet would never have been possible without you!"

"I sought out treatment from Parkhurst for low back and cervical conditions. Massage Therapy plus the full scope of chiropractic care keeps me flexible and able to play pickleball. I feel relief right after my adjustments and soft tissue work by the doctor. If it were not for my chiropractic care I would not be able to play pickleball and continue to improve my game. Parkhurst is a family that really cares about your total health and it's patients."
Lisa R. 1st Place Winner Michiana Pickleball Summer Tournament

Due to continued involvement in athletics and the high demand that multiple sports athletes have, I was plagued by chronic injury throughout my High School career. The Doctors and Therapists at Parkhurst Chiropractic enabled me to work through those injuries and continue excelling at a level of high performance during and throughout my prep seasons. I anticipate ongoing treatment from the staff at Parkhurst throughout my collegiate career at well."

Caleb V. Zeeland East Standout/ Grand Rapids Community College

“I'm a professional Defensive Back Arena Football player, for the Kentucky Nightmare; a veteran in the indoor arena football circuit for 6 years. Dr Matt and the Parkhurst staff are helping me further my career as I'm getting up in age at 34 years old. Suffering from lower back pain and hip injuries withheld me from my full potential this past season. Parkhurst Chiropractic treatments and programs are next to none while they're getting me ready to suit back up in 2017 with the Muskegon Michigan Ironmen."

Alain L. Arena Football - Kentucky Nightmare


"I sustained injuries from the 2010 football season and was suffering with this condition for about 3 months. I had sought other treatment but never received full relief.

Dr. Brian has been a lot of help. He listens to me and does a good job at treating my symptoms. I felt relief almost immediately with some of the issues.

Everyone at Parkhurst has been very friendly and helpful throughout the time that I have gone there."

Dan Skuta - Cincinnati Bengals

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and experienced constant muscular pain, fatigue and depression. I was on 4 different prescriptions for these symptoms. After just a few visits with Dr. Karla, I could feel relief and after a few months of treatment, I had many days that I was pain-free, and I had much more energy. I was able to stop taking some of my medication. Not only did the hands-on treatment help a great deal, but Dr. Karla is also a reservoir of health information. She made a remarkable difference in the quality of my life!" - Julie

"For 40 years I experienced chronic pain in my neck, shoulders, and low back, frequent headaches and knee pain. After my 3rd visit with Dr. Brian, I felt relief. After a month, I have much more freedom of movement, am sleeping better and can work without taking pain killers. I truly love coming to PCC as the doctors and staff all have such positive attitudes. They really care about their patients!" - Margaret

"I had suffered with headaches almost every day for 30 years and had been to 3 different general practictioners, 2 allergists, 2 ears, nose and throat specialists and 4 different chiropractors. I had sinus surgery, numerous CT scans and had tried a variety of drugs. None of these eliminated the headaches. After just a couple visits with Dr. Karla, I was having fewer headaches and by the second week of treatment, the headaches were almost completely gone! I highly recommend Parkhurst Chiropractic Center for anyone who is suffering from headaches! They have changed my life!" - Judy

"I was suffering with severe pain in my shoulder and my regular doctor and specialist couldn't help me. Dr. Brian diagnosed the problem with x-rays and was very professional in explaining the condition and recommending a treatment plan. Relief was accomplished after only a few adjustments, and I didn't require surgery as originally thought. Not only are the doctors professional, but they also have the most helpful and friendliest staff that I have ever encountered in any business. They truly make visiting the center enjoyable!" - Gary

"Three years ago I had a disk problem and back surgery which left me with no feeling in my calf and toes. I thought I would have to live the rest of my life like this, but thanks to the Parkhursts, that has changed! I came in to see Dr. Karla and after just one treatment, I could wiggle my toes and the numbness in my calf was gone. Today all the numbness is gone and my toes are almost back to normal. I really thank Dr. Karla for showing me what can be accomplished with such painless treatment." - Nancy

"I went to PCC seeking relief from neck, shoulders, jaw and rib tightness due to juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and TMJ along with a digestion problem. After about 3 visits, I felt relief. The digestive distress has completely disappeared, my neck doesn't need a cervical collar at night and my sleep is more restful. I feel I am controlling my arthritis better, and I feel more productive and have more energy. My TMJ even seems better. Dr. Brian has made a measurable difference in my pain relief and quality of life. The office staff is extremely friendly, courteous and efficient. Dr. Brian and Dr. Karla care very much for their patients and the community. I don't think you will ever find a nicer doctor's office!" - Mary Ellen

"I was unable to sit or stand for long periods due to severe pain in the lower back, hips and neck for 15 years. After coming to PCC, I can now walk and sit without pain. They gave me a better quality of life without medication. Dr. Karla and Dr. Brian are two very caring and compassionate doctors!" - Sharon

"I had headaches 7 days a week for 8 months. After the first adjustment, my headaches went away and have not returned. I totally enjoy the family-like atmosphere of Parkhurst Chiropractic!" - James

"My one-month old would cry all night with colic so his doctor prescribed gas drops which were helping him with the pain but not helping him pass gas. We took him to see Dr. Brian and after the first visit, he did not cry very much that night. He was very relaxed and happy after the 3rd visit and after the 4th visit, we did not need the gas drops any more. I'm so glad we brought him to Parkhurst Chiropractic. Dr. Brian is very good with infants and is very helpful." - Holly

"I had been having dizzy spells and loss of equilibrium for 3 months and medical doctors could not diagnose the symptoms. After my first visit to Parkhurst Chiropractic, I was better and after the second treatment, I was symptom free! The people at the clinic are like family and always have such a friendly and positive attitude!" - James

"After attending a free seminar on fibromyalgia, I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Brian. Medical doctors told me the sciatic nerve and arthritis were the problems and I would just have to live with my symptoms (neck and shoulder pain for 30 years and hip pain for 7 years.) Dr. Brian took x-rays and showed me what was causing my pain. By the 3rd visit I felt 60% better. This is now my 8th visit, and I feel I've been given a second chance to enjoy life. The best part is Dr. Brian assures me we've just begun. You can't imagine what this means to me!" - Stella

"I went to Parkhurst Chiropractic as I suffered with back and neck pain and depression from menopause symptoms. I felt relief after one week with Dr. Karla. She adjusted me gently and effectively. She listens, cares and treats me as an individual. Today I feel almost no pain and I'm much more flexible and energized. I'm excited about life - there's hope and healing here!" - Eileen

"I was experiencing extreme pain in my shoulder and my arm after rotator cuff surgery. Physical therapy was not helping the pain. After 5-6 treatments at Parkhurst Chiropractic, the pain was greatly reduced, and today I am pain-free and have full use of my shoulder and arm. I have never been to a doctor's office with such a happy group of people. Everyone there is great!" - Margaret

"I have a brain stem injury from 22 years ago and am confined to a wheel chair. I have almost no use of my left side. My muscles were always very tight. I have had some physical therapy over the years without much success. Dr. Brian was able to release tension and relax muscles immediately. I can now turn my head to the left, something I could never do. My shoulder level has straightened considerably and I can now open my fingers and straighten my elbow on my left side. I have improvement in balance as I sit and I have much more energy. Dr. Brian has made my life much more comfortable and has given me more incentive than I have had in years. He is so kind and patient and treats me with much compassion. Parkhurst Chiropractic is a very special place!" - Sue

"I am a member of a women's professional football team and my neck and hips would click and pop on contact. I was experiencing sharp, stabbing pains in my lower back and my legs were falling asleep. Another member of the team was raving about our team sponsor, Dr. Parkhurst, and she suggested I visit him. I found Dr. Brian to be fantastic! I've spent most of my career in medical facilities and have yet to meet a physician that cares as much about his patients as Dr. Brian does. I began to feel relief almost immediately. I am continually impressed with the caring professionalism of Dr. Karla, Dr. Brian, and their staff. They are always pleasant and genuinely interested in their patients' lives which is a rare quality in healthcare services." - Kristin


“I sought treatment at Parkhurst Chiropractic for a torn groin and pain in my lower back after suffering with it for 3 month.

They used chiropractic adjustments, laser, rapid release, taping & power vibe to help expedite my healing and decrease my bruising. In a matter of weeks I was training and back on horses. In only a couple of months I was back to riding bulls.

I am absolutely a success story because I’m back riding bulls and feeling better than I ever have been! I’m super excited for this next rodeo season! Big thanks to Dr. Russell and Parkhurst Sports Performance and Rehabilitation!”

Steve D, Bull Rider


"I injured my right ankle during a test run for a world record attempt on water skies. I saw Parkhurst Chiropractic that evening. I had 8 treatments in 4 days to get me back on the water and flying! I felt like I was getting better every day! Not only did they get me back on the water, but at a world record level. Setting the World Ski Fly record at 312 feet would never have been possible without you!"

Freddy Krueger, Guinness Book of World Record Breaker at Waterski Fly Distant Jumping.


Barb said, “I was unable to ride for a year with back pain. Dr. Brian enabled me to ride again using adjustments, rapid release, taping, laser and decompression. It has been a process but in a year's time I've gone from being physically unable to ride to being totally pain free. Dr. Brian helped me, at age 65, to compete in Arabian Western Pleasure Select rider at the Canadian Nationals and receive TOP TEN! I’ve also been educated in preventing relapses by stretching and strength training with Shannon B.”

Dr. Brian

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