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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment at Parkhurst Chiropractic in Holland, MI

When you work, you don’t want anything to slow you down. Sometimes, you work for your wrists and hands so hard, that they begin to tingle and ache. Our chiropractors at Parkhurst Chiropractic, in Holland, Michigan, can give you both a diagnosis and a targeted treatment plan. 

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About Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

That numbness, weakness, pain, and tingling you’re feeling in one or both wrists and hands is called carpal tunnel syndrome. Inside both arms and extending into your hand, the median nerve powers your thumb and first three fingers. Our chiropractors at Parkhurst Chiropractic will tell you that this condition starts as the median nerve swells from overworking your hands. The result: discomfort. We can offer carpal tunnel treatments for you.

Carpal Tunnel Symptoms

You’ll feel an itching, or tingling and burning in the palm of your hand, these feelings may also extend to your index, middle fingers and your thumb. While you’re relaxing at night, you may feel your fingers falling asleep—this can also happen while you’re sleeping. Upon rising in the morning, you may feel both tingling and numbness in your hands, which may extend up to your shoulder.

If your condition is severe, your grip isn’t as strong. The muscles in your arm and hand may begin to cramp and get painful. All this happens because the median nerve is less functional, due to pressure and irritation surrounding it. You’ll begin to lose the feeling in your fingers. It’s harder for you to use your thumb. If you leave all your carpal tunnel symptoms untreated, you may suffer permanent muscle damage.

Treatment and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Once your chiropractor diagnoses your problem, they will recommend or prescribe several carpal tunnel treatments. These include lifestyle changes. If your work requires you to make several thousand repetitive motions a day, you may have to take more breaks during the day—or make a few less of those motions.

Your doctor may also recommend a carpal tunnel treatment, such as stretching and strengthening exercises that may help. Another carpal tunnel treatment involves wearing a stiff splint that reduces wrist movement. This reduces pressure on the nerves in your wrist. Anti-inflammatory medications or steroid shots can lower the swelling. The final resort is surgery.

Carpal Tunnel Relief

Make changes at work and at home. Try not to extend or flex your wrists too often. Keep them straight when you can. Ask your doctor for at-home exercises and rearrange your workspace to increase comfort, so you begin to feel carpal tunnel relief.

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